Z-Link Systems

Z-Link Systems Changes a Project’s Outcome from the Start for Smooth Completions

What if we changed the way architectural plans were designed to address the most common problems that cause havoc in the build phase?
What if speed, quality, safety and cost was factored into and solved for in the initial planning stage and followed through with an experienced field management team?
Luke Zmolik, Z-Link Systems founder, answered those questions when he recognized what massive material waste and inefficient building practices were costing general contractors. Z-Link Systems was created to ensure the right quantity of materials was ordered and improve a construction project’s overall organization. It results in a cleaner, safer worksite, lower costs, better bottom lines and on-time and on-budget delivery.

What Matters to You Matters Most to Us

Anytime framers get in and out of a job site quickly and leave a precise framework behind is good for contractors who stake their reputations on quality and precise buildings. Contractors know:

  • Our efficiency in the field and our lower overhead gives us the opportunity to offer competitive prices.
  • Our pre-construction process and technology use is the best in the industry.
  • We are sticklers for being on-time and on-budget. There is not a schedule request that we have not met.
  • With an experience mod rate of less than 1 since its inception, our emphasis on safety surpasses other companies.
  • We care about what the public sees during construction and after completion. We take pride in every day in perfection in pre-construction, during construction, and the finished product.
Z-Link Systems

Interested in Working for Z-Link?

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